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2D Action Shooter : Horizontal Flight

When I was about to get to know Unity3d I decided to combine the knowledge and techniques I learned in a finished game. That's how Cyber Sentinel was born. A kind of self-study project released as a free-to-play game. It took me round about 6 months to create everything except of audio. I used only free music for non-commercial use.

This game is focused on fun, skills and strategic thinking. Unlike most games of this kind, this game forces the player to allocate his resources sensibly. There is only one level of difficulty and this will be challenging for many. An ingame guide will help you to get to know the most important mechanics and main points of the game.

WebGL version may have some lags (depends on your software / hardware). Standalone version for Windows works perfect with full performance incl. game intro video. I recommend to play this game with Xbox-360 Controller.

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